Packed + Shipped in Recycled + Compostable packaging
Packed + Shipped in Recycled + Compostable packaging
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Shipped in Recycled and Compostable Packaging

Since the beginning (2019), I've aimed for simple and eco-conscious packaging supplies. Presentation is important to me but I value thinking about where the packaging waste will go after an order is received. 

I use the following for my packaging

  • Kraft Paper: is made from virgin wood pulp and 100% biodegradable. 
  • EcoClear Bags: made from 100% compostable materials and also FDA approved.
  • Washi Tape: made from rice paper/ natural fibers; biodegradable. 
  • Ecoenclose Cello Tape: from plant-derived cellulose which is renewable and compostable. 
  • Crescent Matboard: is 100% paper made from wood and cotton pulp.  I collect the scrap cuts from our local framing gallery to protect and sandwich my jewelry orders.
  • Re-Use Bubble Wrap: Jewelry is fragile and needs some cushion for transit. I keep all the bubble wrap from materials I order for my jewelry making, cut them into strips and wrap up my jewelry orders. 
  • Thermal Label Printer: for all shipping labels. Thermal printers use less energy than ink printers and use zero ink cartridges, so ZERO WASTE :)